Why FoodyXpress

You need to try FoodyXpress because…

  1. We’re reliable – If you have an in-house delivery driver, there are chances that driver may not be available on several occasions which impact your sales and customer service.
  2. We’re professional – Imagine someone coming to your door in kitchen clothes, smelling bad. Your customers deserves much better. Our delivery xperts are professional and know how to provide a delightful home delivery experience to your customer.
  3. We’re awesome – FoodyXpress is a unique delivery service, created with restaurant owners/managers in mind.
  4. We’re expert – We focus on every aspect of food delivery. We can provide you with an expert advise when it comes to the home delivery for your restaurant.
  5. We’re cost effective – If you have an in-house delivery driver, you need to pay them hourly wages regardless number of deliveries. You may also need to maintain a delivery vehicle which incur further cost.

still need more reasons to try our service?  No worries, just email us on foodyxpress@gmail.com and we’ll come up with some more reasons to get you onboard.